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Waste Oil Boiler B200Waste Oil Boiler Model B105

with the reliable KAGI burner

Waste Oil Boiler The model B105 Waste Oil Boiler has a fuel flow rate of 0.85 gallons per hour. The Kagi waste oil burner insures low maintenance, high efficiency operation, and clean burning performance. A full suite of pressure and temperature gauges makes monitoring the waste oil boiler simple, and a re-usable oil filter reduces costs of operation.

The Kagi burner is impressive. A soft start tank which enriches the fuel to air mixture for immediate start-up with higher air pressure and purges the residual oil out of the system preventing nozzle dripping and electrode coking on the waste oil heater. The special KAGI "soft start" tank enriches the fuel to air mixture for immediate start-up with higher air pressure, purging the residual waste oil out of the system. This prevents nozzle dripping and electrode coking, two of the main causes of waste oil boiler failure. The unique KAGI retention head, designed for waste oil Large twin heating elements prevents waste oil overheating - the major cause of pre-heater sludge and plugging.

Should the burner ever need service or parts, it is backed up with one of the top waste oil boiler companies in the world, Kagi Heating and Supplies. This ensures you'll have your boiler back online quickly if problems should arise.

Model B105
BTU Input 105,000 BTU
Fuel Flow Rate .85 gal/hr
Fuels Used vegetable oil, #2 fuel oil, diesel fuel ONLY*
ASME Code Vessel  
National Board Registration Number  
Max. Water Output Temp 230F
Max Operating Pressure 30 PSI
Domestic Water Coil Not Available
Boiler Capacity 8.9 gallon system
System Dimensions 23H x 21W x 33D
Exhaust Diameter 5
Compressed Air Requirements 2 CFM at 20 PSI
Electrical Requirements 115VAC, 60Hz, 20 amps
Shipping Weight 250 lbs.

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Waste Oil Boiler Systems from AgSolutions equipped with:

  • Kagi Burner

  • Re-Usable Oil Filter with Indicator Gauge

  • Low Water Cut Off

  • Pressure Relief Valve Combo

  • Pressure/Temperature Gauge

  • High Limit Temperature Controller

  • Operating Temperature Controller

  • Barometric Damper

Waste Oil Boiler Specifications:


Boiler Unit:


  • Wet base, horizontal firetube, A.S.M.E. H-2 Code constructed.

  • 30 psi boiler with National Board Registration Number.

  •  Shell and combustion chamber made of SA36 grade carbon steel , 1/4 inch thick.

  • Tube sheet made of SA36 grade carbon steel, 5/16 inch thick.

  • Tubes made of SA178A grade 12 gauge carbon steel.

  • Boiler has welded tubes and no economizers in the tubes.

  • single aquastat well installed.

  • Flue collector box complete with removal cover allowing straight through access to boiler tubes and to breeching.

  • Nuts for bolts for access door and collector box are brass to reduce heat-related binding.

  • Boiler block is black 

  •  1" legs.

  • shipped with the boiler jackets installed, less controls and wiring. The boiler vessel itself is in a single section.

Waste Oil Boiler Jacket:

  • 20 gauge jacket with 1.1# density fiberglass insulation.

  • Jacket cover color is blue.

Cast Iron vs Steel for Waste Oil Boilers

Steel is the modern solution to efficient long term heating needs with boiler systems. Steel is typically 50% stronger than cast iron. A boiler manufactured with steel is more resistant to corrosion than cast iron. Steel is malleable, flexible and heats up rapidly. Its structure allows it to expand and contract and is very resistant to temperature shock. ASME codes don't allow cast iron boilers to be used on steam at pressures any greater than 15psi or 250 degree F water.


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 Waste oil can not be burned in all states.

 Most states have adopted the EPA requirements as guidelines.

 Check with your state and local agencies.

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