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What is "waste oil"? 

Waste Oil Deep FryerWaste oil can quite literally be oil that is drained from a vehicle during an oil change or drained from a fast food deep fryer. Change shops are required to collect this oil and arrange for proper disposal. Many of these businesses have been using waste oil burners for years in order to defray the cost of third party waste oil collection. Waste oils can also be used transmission oils, cooking and vegetable oils, hydraulic oils, combustible synthetic oils or any oils up to 50 S.A.E. With the flip of a switch our burner will safely burn #1 and #2 fuel oils.

What will it cost to heat with waste oil? 

If you generate a sufficient supply of your own waste oil, the cost of heating with waste oil is ZERO. If you need to purchase some or all of your waste oil there are oil suppliers in most states.

Where can I obtain waste oil if I do not generate it or do not generate enough to meet my heating requirements? 

Because waste oil is truly a waste product that cannot be safely dumped into the ground, landfills or waterways, commercial entities that generate large quantities of waste oil must typically pay a third party for proper disposal. The cost of waste oil does not fluctuate with the cost of other petroleum products but rather is determined by ONE FACTOR: The prerogative of the Recycler, who is paid to pick up the waste oil, filters it and makes it available for resale.

What is the BTU potential of a typical gallon of waste oil? 

A typical gallon of waste motor oil contains 153,000 to 180,000 BTU per gallon, which can be more than TWO TIMES the energy potential per gallon of LP gas. LP gas has a potential for 92,000 BTU per gallon. A typical gallon of waste vegetable oil contains about 128,000 BTU.

Is there smoke or noxious odor when burning waste oil? 

The AgSolutions/Kagi waste oil burner emits little odor and NO smoke because the various proprietary components of our burner work in concert to achieve a CLEAN burn. Our waste oil burner meets or exceeds all EPA requirements for such appliances or devices.

Can I install the boiler or heater myself? 

All local, state and federal codes must be met by the installer. Boiler codes vary from location and state and application. In most cases a boiler with a capacity above 200,000 BTU per hour must be installed by a contractor with the appropriate licenses and insurance. In many states however, those codes do not apply if the usage is to provide heating for growing or raising livestock or poultry or for greenhouse heating applications. Most customers install the heaters themselves. We do strongly recommend that any size system be installed by competent fully trained technicians.

What sort of regular maintenance or service can I anticipate?

Maintenance typically consists of vacuuming residual ash and dust from inside the dual access doors in order to maximize efficiency. Total time to clean averages less than 30 minutes. The reusable oil filter included with the burner may require occasional cleaning which can be quickly accomplished by rinsing in a solvent bath. The preheater block does not have to be removed for servicing.

How reliable are these burners really? 

The AgSolutions waste oil boiler with the Kagi burner is "state of the art". It is just as reliable as a conventional gas-fired burner system. Our burner will ignite at 20 degrees F below zero and uses solid-state ignition and primary controls for industrial reliability standards.

What are the most common problems with waste oil burners?

The most frequent complaints about competitor burners involve frequency of required cleaning and no ignition due to plugged nozzles. We have engineered around those problems. Any difficulties with the AgSolutions/Kagi waste oil burning system can typically be traced to improper installation. If your installation is performed correctly, you should have no problems or hassles, just inexpensive heat from your AgSolutions/Kagi waste oil burning system!

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